Assessment of Workshop and Activities of the BRAC Local Representatives

The study aimed to evaluate the BRAC Local Representative (BLR) Workshops and to assess the activities of BLRs. The assessment of the activities included inter-programme coordination meetings and government coordination meetings. We assessed 12 workshops attended by 441 BLRs. Although the workshops were facilitated efficiently but suffered from time constraints. In many cases the BLRs activity schedules could not be maintained for variety of reasons. In most cases the local government authorities were positive about the performance of BLRs. The study recognizes the importance of BLRs and suggested some recommendations for qualitative improvement of BLRs and conducting more effective workshops.

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  • Writer Name: Lammia Sharmin, M Mahbubul Kabir, Rosie Nilufar Yasmin, Nuzhat Imam, Ashrafuzzaman Khan
  • Published Date: Monday, 12 December 2005
  • Country: Bangladesh