Active Citizen and Accountable Local Governance: A Baseline Survey


This baseline survey on the members of the Union Parishad (UP) and the BRAC  Polli Shomaj (PS) aims to assess to what extents the UP members are pro-poor and gender sensitive, and the services rhar they provide to the poor. The study was conducted in two districts- Bogra and Jessore. The sample size of study was 610 UP members, 549 executive committee members of 50 PS and 199 PS general members. The study revelas that the people have very little access in decision-making process of standing committees of UP, mostly beacuse of committees being non-fuctional. Few UP members were aware of the PS and its activities.

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  • Writer Name: Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Md. Mafizur Rahman and Chris Evans
  • Published Date: Sunday, 28 November 2010
  • Country: Bangladesh