Issue 28 Shaking Embedded Gender Roles and Relations: An Impact Assessment of Gender Quality Action Learning Programme

Abstract :

The Gender Quality Action Learning programme initiated a village level intervention in 2007 in 10 districts to increase knowledge, change perception, attitudes, and practice/behaviour of the villagers on discrimination and violence against women. A benchmark survey was conducted before the intervention was initiated. To measure the changes that have taken place due to intervention a midline survey was conducted in 2009-10. The comparison between the surveys show that knowledge, perception and attitudes of the respondents on selected gender issues changed remarkably after the intervention. Results also show that along with increase in knowledge and changes in perception and attitudes of the respondents on gender roles and relations positively changes in the likelihood of male`s participation in household activity would increase and the incidence of domestic violence against women would decrease.

Related information

  • Writer Name: Md. Abdul Alim
  • Published Date: Friday, 10 February 2012
  • Country: Bangladesh