Targeting Effectiveness of CFPR/TUP in Scale-up Environment Working Paper No. 8

Effective targeting is a hallmark of the BRAC’s CFPR/TUP programme. Like many other argeted programmes, CFPR/TUP combines a number of targeting methods. Launching in 2002, his programme has scaled up in 2005. Despite this scaling up, success in targeting has been aintained. Using poverty assessment tool, developed by CGAP, it was observed that about three uarters of the beneficiaries of this programme belong to the poorest quartile. his is a ommendable achievement when compared to other targeted programmes. The success was chieved not only by adopting appropriate tools of targeting but also by implementing them igorously. Community-based wealth ranking was found to be crucial in achieving high level of agregate accuracy.

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  • Writer Name: Munshi Sulaiman, Imran Matin
  • Published Date: Saturday, 25 February 2006
  • Country: Bangladesh