Series No. 25 The wider social impacts of BRAC’s group-based lending in rural Bangladesh: Group dynamics and participation in public life

In a context in which dominant relationships which govern the lives of the poor tend to be vertically organized - explicitly or implicitly – as patron-client relationships, the group-based strategies promoted by microfinance and other non-governmental organizations represent a form of association based on horizontal principles and, moreover, one that they can ‘choose’ to belong to instead of having membership imposed on, or ascribed to them, by their gender or their poverty. However, not all microfinance groups embody the same internal dynamics and external interactions. How does Brac's microfinance with its focus on groups and processes of empowerment fare with respect to women's participation in public life?

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  • Writer Name: Naila Kabeer, Imran Matin
  • Published Date: Thursday, 03 March 2005
  • Country: Bangladesh