Monograph Series 69 How the BBLT Graduates Applied their Learning in their Lives An assessment of the ‘Building Bridges through the Leadership Training’ Programme of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center



The study considered both quantitative and qualitative method. Both treatment and comparison group considered for this study. Qualitative findings conclude that there is a lack of integration among the treatment group. Nonetheless, there is a substantial difference between the treatment group and the comparison group in each of the three components of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center namely; 1) Building Bridges, 2) Leadership Training and 3) Community Services. The members of the treatment group are more expressive, confident, have more networking skills, clear knowledge of leadership and authority, and are much more involved in community service projects. Quantitative findings in terms of knowledge, attitude and practice in relation to leadership among the comparison group of BRAC staffs are similar practice in comparison to treatment group. However, this may be partly because of ‘response bias’, i.e. persons with good leadership characteristics may have been more likely to respond to this online survey. Recommendations for the future consideration of BYLC have been made, based on the findings.

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  • Writer Name: Zainu Sadia Islam Fathema Zhura Khatoon Andrew Jenkins
  • Published Date: Wednesday, 01 March 2017
  • Country: Bangladesh