At a Glance

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Silver Jubilee of RED Observed.

As part of the observance of RED Silver Jubilee four research seminars were arranged in Sylhet, Rajshahi, Chittagong and Khulna to share research findings especially with the civil society.


RED initiated a quarterly newsletter- RED Update in June 2002 to keep all concerned updated about its ongoing activities and significant achievements.


CFPR/TUP Research Working paper series starts


RED  Working paper series starts


Study on 100 – Day employment generation programme completed


Time use repeat survey completed


RED retreat held


TB study on BRAC health workers completed


Baseline study of SoFEA done


Impact assessment of  Borga Chashi Unnayan project initiated


Pilot study on urban CFPR initiated


Evaluation of BRAC’s Polli Shamaj done

National workshop on micronutrient malnutrition held


IFPRI-BRAC joint study on seed, fertilizer and innovation in Bangladesh


End-line survey of social mobilization and accountable local governance towards creating MDG unions initiated


Baseline survey on adolescent development programme initiated


A baseline survey on the Char development settlement  project- phase iv, 2012 initiated


Comprehensive malaria follow-up survey -2012 completed


Stakeholder workshop on leveraging agriculture for nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) held


National conference on peri-natal mental health held


Policy workshop on tenancy and credit markets in Bangladesh held


Baseline survey on 3ie funded Impact assessment of  Borga Chashi Unnayan project  was conducted


Collaborative research Project with Center for Development Resaerch (ZEF) on Technology for Inclusive Growth  in agriculture (TIGA) initiated




Baseline survey of urban ultra poor begins


Baseline survey of MEJNIN programme completed


Baseline survey of POSITION programme completed


Study on Oral administration of misoprostol completed


Mid term qualitative survey  of 3ie funded Impact assessment of  Borga Chashi Unnayan project conducted


Collaborative study with Monash University under IGC funding on adoption of  system of rice intensification (SRI)  initiated



Endline  survey on 3ie funded Impact assessment of  Borga Chashi Unnayan project completed


National level research seminar on “Improving Educational Outcomes of Rural Students”


International Workshop on the Field Experiments with the Smallholders’ Agriculture held as a pre-conference event at BCDM, Savar, Dhaka


The 8th International conference of Asian Society of Agricultural Economists held at BCDM, Savar, Dhaka

National dissemination seminar on the research findings of BCUP held at BRAC Centre, Dhaka




Collaborative study with Center for Development Resaerch (ZEF) on WATSAN-Agriculture  Nexus Research Project initiated


Longer- term evaluation of CFPR-TUP phase II


Research findings dissemination workshop at Rajshahi  BLC held


Training workshop on fundamentals of qualitative research held at Mymensingh BLC


Study on impact of mobile money use on different development porgrammes initiated


Book published on Asian Society of Agricultural Economists, Theme: Viability of Small Farmers in Asia (2014). Abstracts of Submitted Papers. Dhaka: BRAC ix, 170p.


Collaborative study with Monash University under DFAT funding on Improving educational outcomes of disadvantaged school students: Evaluation of BRAC ChatrabondhuProgramme initiated.



Research dissemination seminar on leveraging agriculture for nutrition (LANSA) in Bangladesh


An invited panel on BRAC researches was organized at IAAE conference held at Milan Italy dated 8-14th August 2015.


RED Retreat 2015 held


Professor Abdul Bayes joined  as New Director of RED


Education Watch Report- 2014 launched


A series of live TV talk-shows  on tenant farming in Bangladesh on the research findings based on BCUP telecast in the “Ashar Bangladesh” programme on the Independent TV Channel


Research finding dissemination seminar on promoting breastfeeding held


Book Titled Bish Geramer Galpo published


LANSA  Knowledge sharing seminar on Nexus between Agriculture and Nutrition held


The 15 th report of Education Watch titled ‘ Literacy, Skills, Lifelong Learning SDG4 in Bangladesh: Where are we’ launched


Dissemination  seminar on Strategic Agricultural Sector and Food Security Diagnostic for Bangladesh Held