Innovations in agriculture to improve nutrition: Share your success stories and ideas

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The Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) programme is a multi-partner research effort with the focus to understand the role of agricultural policies and practices in improving nutrition in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.  BRAC is the partner organisation from Bangladesh in this consortium.

LANSA stimulates local partners to conduct research through competitive grant funding schemes.  The first call for research elicited a huge response. The winning proposals are listed here.  The second LANSA call for competitive research grants will take place by July 2015.

LANSA has arranged an online consultation to ask for your input to identify potential ideas of innovations in agriculture that could promote better nutrition for population in the South Asian region. 

In this discussion, we are specifically looking for new interventions in agriculture that require formative research to aid their design, and/or research to understand their feasibility before being tested in large intervention studies.  We also have an eye on the future and on the likely impact of environmental change on agricultural production.  This will also provide a list of promising interventions in agriculture that need support (financial, technical, academic, advocacy) to enable their widespread uptake.  We will use this list to define this second LANSA research call, so the participants’ ideas have a real potential of being the subject of future LANSA research fundings.

Based on the knowledge and experience in agriculture, food systems, nutrition, or even just on time spent growing food, we ask the participants the following questions:

1.      Are you aware of an untested innovation in South Asian agriculture that has the potential to have a major impact on nutrition and health in the region?

2.      Are you aware of a tested or untested innovation in Africa or other world region that could be introduced or adapted to the South Asian region and has the potential to improve nutrition outcomes in the South Asian context?

3.      Are there untested interventions in agriculture that might help to reduce the likely impact of multiple environmental changes on agricultural production in South Asia?

The online discussion is live here:


Read this insightful blog by Alan Dangour of LANSA: