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Series No. 31
Adolescents and Youths in Bangladesh: Some Selected Issues

Research and Evaluation Division, BRAC

November - 2006

[Table of Contents]

Paper 1. Education status of the youths in Bangladesh
Samir Ranjan Nath

Paper 2. A day in the life of a Bangladeshi adolescent: using time
use data to identify differences in adolescent lifestyles
Mehnaz Rabbani

Paper 3. Transition to the labour market: what opportunities
does it hold for adolescents in Bangladesh?
Mahjabeen Rahman and Munshi Sulaiman

Paper 4. Growing up and reproducing: knowledge and practices
of young people in Bangladesh
M. Showkat Gani and Syed Masud Ahmed

Paper 5. Morbidity, health-seeking behaviour and life-style
characteristics of the adolescents
Syed Masud Ahmed

Paper 6. Dowry and the transition to marraiage
Hanne Cecilie Geirbo and Nuzhat Imam

Paper 7. Early marriage in Bangladesh: an examination of the
social institutions and processes
Nasheeba Selim

Paper 8. Youths access to mass media in Bangladesh
Samir Ranjan Nath


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