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Series No. 5
Ashram village: An analysis of resource flows
BRAC Reserach and Evaluation Division
August - 1980
This study is the second of BRAC’s village micro-studies undertaken in the process of training a group of BRAC staff in the essentials of observational research. This kind of research was initiated with a view to gaining a systematic understanding of the social system that operates in the rural areas of Bangladesh and that underpins the resource structure of the village....
Rural Study Series 4
Peasent perceptions: Law
Research and Evaluation Division, BRAC
June - 1980
Finding out the target groups thinking on various issues obviously best assesses these needs. The Peasant Perception series has analyzed the target groups’ viewpoint on credit, famine and sanitation. This study is an attempt to ascertain their perceptions about the law....
Rural Study Series 3
Peasent perceptions: Famine, credit needs and sanitation
Research and Evaluation Division, BRAC
May - 1980
Studies on ‘Famine’ and ‘Credit Needs’ under the Peasant Perceptions Series were first published in mimeographed forms in 1985 and the copies were distributed to development planners, administrators and researchers. Inspired by their appreciations, a printed form of the studies was introduced in 1991...
Rural Study Series 2
The Net: Power Structure In Ten Villages
BRAC Research and Evaluation Division
February - 1980
During the Emergency Relief Programme conducted in drought affected areas in 1979 BRAC workers had the opportunity to come into very close contact with the landless and disadvantaged members of the rural community. From discussions with them much valuable information was obtained about the manner in which people occupying positions of authority utilized their advantageous positions...
Ashram village: An analysis of resource flows
Research and Evaluation Division, BRAC
January - 1980
Although the resource structure in the rural areas of Bangladesh is still based primarily on land, there are gradual trends to diversify into other forms of resource utilization...
Rural Study Series 1
Who gets what and why: Resource Allocation in a Bangladesh village
BRAC Research and Evaluation Division
July - 1979
Land has traditionally been valued as the ultimate security in the subsistence agricultural economy of Bangladesh. But what happens as land becomes scarce to an increasing percentage of the people indeed, perhaps, the majority of the people? How do the people who live in Bangladesh's villages go about maximising available resources? ....
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