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Series No. 18
Hybrid Rice Adoption in Bangladesh: A Socioeconomic Assessment of farmersí Experiences
AM Muazzam Husain, Mahabub Hossain, Aldas Janaiah
March - 2001
The study aimed at finding the farm-level adoption pattern, differential performances, relative profitability and constraints to adoption of two hybrid rice varieties - Alok 6201 and Sonar Bangla (CNSGC 6)- introduced during 1999 Boro season in Bangladesh....
Series No. 16
Combating a deadly menace: Early experiences with a community-based arsenic mitigation project in Bangladesh June 1999 - June 2000
A M R Chowdhury, M Zabed Hossain, Ross Nickson, Mizanur Rahman,. M Jakariya, M Shamimuddin
August - 2000
Bangladesh is facing the problem of arsenic poisoning in drinking water. Around 27% of the tubewells, which supply drinking water to most of the population, have arsenic concentrations above the government of Bangladesh limit of 50 Pg. per litre. This means that a quarter of the country's population is exposed to arsenic poisoning which is alarming and unprecedented in history....
Series No. 17
BRAC's Contribution to Gross Domestic Product of Bangladesh
Debdulal Mallick
August - 2000
This paper estimates the contribution of BRAC programmes to the gross domestic product (GDP) of Bangladesh. BRAC's contribution to GDP of Bangladesh has been divided into four components...
Series No. 15
Experiences of deluge: Flood 1998
Syed Masud Ahmed, Hasan Shareef Ahmed (eds)
November - 1999
The devastation and destruction caused by the flood of 1998 was unprecedented in the history of this country. It continued for more than 65 days and affected 100,000 sq. km. areas and destroyed basic infrastructures like roads, bridges, houses, standing crops of the fields, killed birds, animal and cattle heads. The most damaging aspect of the flood was the destruction of peopleís means of livelihood. Decades-long efforts, both government and non-government, in alleviating poverty were threatened....
Series No. 13
The Development Organization and Constraints to Development: BRAC Experience with Religious Organization in Relation to Human Rights and Legal Education Posters
Mohammad Rafi
June - 1999
To educate people on human rights and some essential laws BRAC fixed 700,000 posters throughout Bangladesh. Displaying of the posters faced backlashes from the religious organizations. This paper investigated the nature and causes of the backlash and accordingly chalked out strategies for smooth functioning of the development orga-nizations in achieving their objectives....
Series No. 14
Small Groups and Performance of Village Organizations in Rural Development Programme of BRAC
Mohammad Rafi, Shah Asad Ahmed, SM Alamgir Hossain, Md Fazlul Haque, Tapon Kumar Dus
June - 1999
To maintain discipline and efficiency of the RDP village organizations (VO), small groups are formed. The VOs as part of the small groups are expected to carry out number of responsibilities. The objectives of this study were to investigate 1) the status of small groups; 2) the extent to which the small groups contribute to the performance of VOs; and 3) the causal mechanisms that helped/hindered the performance of VOs....
Series No. 12
Prevalence of anaemia and intestinal parasites in a rural community of Bangladesh
SM Ziauddin Hyder, Sadia A Chowdhury, A Mushtaque R Chowdhury
September - 1998
This study aimed at investigating the prevalence of anaemia among males and females in a typical rural community in Bangladesh....
Series No. 11
Women, workload and the women's health and development programme: are women overburdened?
Kaosar Afsana, Syed Masud Ahmed, Maliha Mayeed, Rita Das Roy, Fazlul Karim
August - 1998
This study investigated whether different activities of Women's Health and Development Programme (WHDP) overburdened the participating women....
Rural Study Series 7-10
Reserach and Evaluation Division
December - 1995
Issue 7. "Rural Women in Poverty Alleviation: Six Case Studies"
Issue 8. "Continuation of Education of BRACís Non-Formal Primary School Graduates in Formal Schools"
Issue 9. "Evaluation of Community Participation in a Maternal and Child Health Programme Setting in Rural Bangladesh"
Issue 10. "Antenatal Care Service Coverage Through Village Based Centres: A Close Observation"

The Rural Study Series is a modest venture for dissemination of BRAC research studies concerned with various aspects of rural development in Bangladesh. Poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor, particularly of the disadvantaged women are the two major goals of BRAC....
Rural Study Series 6
A Tale of Two Wings: A Tale of Two Wings Health and Family Planning Programmes in an Upazila in Northern Bangladesh
BRAC Research and Evaluation Division
May - 1985
Bangladesh is committed to attaining Health for All by the year 2000. The Upazila Health Complex, supported by union level subcentres and domiciliary health and family planning activities, are the major vehicles through which the government wants to achieve this goal. Several non-governmental organisations, including BRAC, have come forward to help achieve the goal...
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