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Research Monographs are reviewed and internally published versions of RED`s key research papers. To view these documents you will need adobe reader. To download this for free, please click here.


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Series No. 38
Impact of the Food Price Hike on Nutritional Status of Women and Children
Munshi Sulaiman, Monira Parveen, Narayan Chandra Das
January - 2009
The backdrop of persistence and peculiarities of the malnutrition question in Bangladesh has motivated this study to examine how child and maternal nutritional status has been affected due to the sharp rise in food prices....
Series No. 37
Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Small and Medium Enterprises of BRAC Bank Limited
MA Quaiyum Sarkar, Nasima Akter
November - 2008
This is the guideline for SME division of BRAC Bank towards environment-friendly enterprise development....
Series No. 36
Small Scale Old Age and Widow Allowance for the Poor in Rural Bangladesh: An Evaluation
July - 2008
This study was done to explore the process of targeting, selection and benefits distribution and the use of the allowances, satisfaction, and the association of old age and widow allowances with various factors (e.g., expenditure on food and food intake behaviour, self-reported illness and health-related quality of life)....
Series No. 35
Employers’ Perceptions of Changing Child Labour Practices in Bangladesh
Sk. Tariquzzaman, Elma Kaiser
January - 2008
This study aimed to know how and what factors have contributed in changing the patterns and perspectives of the employment of children over the last 15 years...
Series No. 34
Politics and Governance in the Social Sectors in Bangladesh: 1991-2006
Naomi Hossain, Ferdous Osman
November - 2007
Bangladesh has made impressive gains in poverty reduction and social and human development since 1991 although these achievements are increasingly overshadowed by rising concerns about quality and equity in social service provision. The achievements also contrast sharply with worsening governance over the period. This odd pairing of development success with governance failure has given rise to the so-called Bangladesh ‘paradox’: how were pro-poor development achievements possible, given the poor state of governance?
Series No. 33
[In Bangla] Bangladesher Cha Sromikder Rupantor: Prekhit Kobirponthi Paika Cha Sromik
Iftekhar Mahmud, Shahaduz Zaman
August - 2007
The study aimed to explore the historical and socioeconomic changes of tea garden labour force and its origin...
Series No. 32
Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Programmes in Bangladesh: Review of good practices and lessons learned
Hashima-e-Nasreen, Syed Masud Ahmed, Housne Ara Begum, Kaosar Afsana
July - 2007
This review is based on secondary data on MNCH interventions, and face-to-face interviews with key informants from different organizations implementing MNCH programmes with a view to gain an understanding of good practices and lessons learned....
Series No. 31
Adolescents and Youths in Bangladesh: Some Selected Issues
Research and Evaluation Division, BRAC
November - 2006
This monograph brings together a number of primary research studies of BRAC-RED focusing on some selected issues that will help greater understanding and aid policies and practices to improve the lives and livelihoods of the adolescents and youths of Bangladesh....
Series No. 30
Bosti Bashir Obhigootai Bosti Uchched: Ekti Nibir Porjobekhon (Slum eviction from the experiences of slum dwellers: A close examination)
In Bangla with English Summary
September - 2006
This study aimed to explore the social and economic dynamics that led to and followed the eviction of Kallyanpur basti, home of some 1,675 families, demolished in December 2003. Information was collected through participant observation, stakeholder perceptions and group discussions....
Series No. 29
Quality of BRAC Education Programme: A Review of Existing Studies
Samir R Nath
August - 2006
Considering an input-process-output (IPO) framework of analysing quality of education this report reviewed all the 140 studies conducted in the Research and Evaluation Division of BRAC during the last 18 years...
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