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Series No.48
Economic and Social Analysis of Primary Education in Bangladesh: A Study of BRAC Interventions and Mainstream Schools
Alia Ahmad and Iftekharul Haque
August - 2011
Bangladesh has achieved significant progress in enrolment in primary schools including gender parity. Currently, two major problems are dropout before completing primary education and poor quality of education with low attainment of basic competencies. These problems are especially acute among children of poor families....
Series No. 47
An Assessment of HRLE Shebika with a Focus on their Effectiveness
Md. Abdul Alim, Mohammad Rafi
July - 2011
The study aimed to identify the challenges that the shebikas faced in becoming
proactive against human rights violation (HRV) and find out how they could be made more effective in taking action against HRVs. Both quantitative and qualitativemethods were used for data collection....
Series No. 46
Profile of the Adolescent Girls: Findings from the Baseline Survey for Social and Financial Empowerment of Adolescents (SoFEA) Programme
Anindita Bhattacharjee, Narayan C. Das
July - 2011
This study provides baseline profile of the adolescents from both SoFEA intervention areas and adjacent areas. Adolescent girls from the intervention areas are divided into two groups: girls from new SoFEA intervention areas and girls from areas withSoFEA intervention on the existing ADP clubs....
Series No. 45
Where NGOs go and do not go?
Debdulal Mallick, Munirul H. Nabin
May - 2011
investigates the role of output market imperfections in constraining the microfinance programme to mitigate credit market imperfections. We develop a model in which output market imperfections
Series No. 44
State of Justice in Chittagong Hill Tracts: Exploring the Formal and Informal Justice Institutions of Indeigenous Communities.
Debasish Kumar Kundu, Mrinmoy Samadder, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Sharin Shajahan Naomi
January - 2011
examine the formal and informal justice system of the ethnic communities in CHT in regards to assist Human Rights and Legal Aid Services (HRLS) programme of BRAC for effective extension in this area...
Series No. 43
Household Costs of Obtaining Maternal and Newborn Care in Rural Bangladesh: Baseline Survey
Mohammad Nasir Uddin Khan, Zahidul Quayyum, Hashima-E-Nasreen, Tim Ensor, Sarah Salahuddin
December - 2009
Mohammad Nasir Uddin Khan, Zahidul Quayyum, Hashima-E-Nasreen, Tim Ensor and Sarah Salauddin examine the costs incurred by a household for maternal and newborn care in selected areas of rural Bangladesh...
Series No. 42
Microfinance and Moneylender Interest Rate: Evidence from Bangladesh
Debdulal Mallick
November - 2009
This paper addressed one aspect of the linkage by empirically investigating the impact of the microfinance programme expansion on the moneylender interest rates in Bangladesh, and found that moneylender interest rates increased with microfinance programme expansion...
Series No. 41
Socioeconomic Divides in Tuberculosis Control
Editor: Fazlul Karim
October - 2009
The aims of the study were to measure the prevalence of smear-positive pulmonary TB (PTB) in different population groups, understand the patterns of people’s behaviour of and barriers to healthcare seeking for respiratory illnesses, assess socioeconomic and gender differences in the use of the DOTS services including treatment, and explore the role of the private informal healthcare providers in the DOTS strategy at the community level...
Series No. 40
Popular Theatre and BRAC
Mohammad Rafi, Hasanur Rahman
August - 2009
The objectives of the study include evaluation of the popular theatre of BRAC as being performed, the extent of the messages being communicated through theatre...
Series No. 39
The Impact of Asset Transfer on Livelihoods of the Ultra Poor in Bangladesh
Akhter U. Ahmed, Mehnaz Rabbani, Munshi Sulaiman, Narayan C. Das
April - 2009
This is a collaborative study conducted by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and BRAC Research and Evaluation Division. The study tries to assess the impact of the CFPR programme on livelihoods of the ultra poor in Bangladesh.
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